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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Last-Mile Delivery

Due to the advancement in logistics services in KSA in the last five years, the 2030 vision indicates that the country will be a global logistics platform. The final mile delivery services became one of the most essential aspects for providing an on going supply chain transportation between and within the cities it will also enable clients & suppliers to interact, engage in business & to deliver high-performance value, thats why we founded Pathway. 

Client Oriented

Enable clients to evaluate suppliers based on pre-set KPIs on current and overall contracts.

Versatility in Application

Provide a hub for clients to add opportunities for last mile delivery & Enable suppliers to review opportunities, apply to them and get awarded.

Suppliers Credibility

Collect suppliers information, resources, capacities and to create a tracking progress for performance.

Cost Efficient

Enable clients to reach multiple suppliers to get better cost, services, and fast track contracting services Also Enables suppliers to earn a high profit and get better cost management. 


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.
Exceptional Platform. 

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services To the Logistics World

The importance of last-mile delivery and fulfillment services is getting higher after COVID-19, where now most businesses in the country rely on delivery services. Also, the end users behavior has been changing in the past two years to be more accepting to be paying for delivery services. Because of the mentioned reasons, the number of daily trips around the country began to rise to around 1Million trips per day, and it’s only getting higher. 
Since there is no electronic platform available to connect the demanders and suppliers to the same hub so we gave them easy access to opportunities, suppliers’ resources and provide cost-effective management based on selective KPIs that will ensure the quality, credibility, and integrity of suppliers. We believe Pathway will be the first and the only platform in the country that will ensure to the clients the credibility of the suppliers information with fast access to the market to fill the demands with better cost, and to deliver the anticipated value in this sector.

We aim to build a national key performance indicator for final mile delivery performance in the country based on facts and provided information about compliance, capacity and sector performance. 


Our Partners

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